Helm Support
Information regarding Helm based capture support
TVK supports native Helm chart captures and restores. As part of this feature, Trilio captures all previous revisions of the chart and ensures that commands like helm upgrade and helm rollback etc. still work correctly after a restore operation.
Helm charts can have dependencies on other charts that are specified as sub-charts. Sub-charts have their own templates and values. More information about Helm charts can be found here.
In order for Helm charts with sub-charts to be supported with TriliioVault, customers must ensure that the Helm charts follow standard practices for documenting dependencies within the chart itself.
For example, the dependent sub-charts must be defined and mentioned in the dependencies section of the Chart.yaml file or requirements.yaml file as shown below:
Chart.yaml showing applisub-chart dependency
Requirements.yaml showing sub-chart dependency
If sub-charts are bundled together with the main chart in the charts directory and are not specified in the dependency manifest file, running helm dep list against the helm chart will provide warnings if there are missing dependencies.
Checking for dependencies with the 'helm dep list' command
NOTE: Please ensure that all repositories are accessible from the nodes that the TVK pods can run on.
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