IBM Cloud

This page describes how to install and license Trilio for Kubernetes (T4K) in an IBM Cloud environment.

IBM Cloud supports an upstream version of Kubernetes and OpenShift Kubernetes cluster services. Trilio supports both cluster types and instructions for each are provided below.


  1. Search for Trilio in the IBM Cloud Catalog

  2. Select the target: IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud

    Select the Helm Chart for the deployment method

Screenshots don't reflect the the most recent version for Trilio for Kubernetes

3. Select your cluster running in IBM Cloud and deploy (screenshot)

4. This will install the Trilio for Kubernetes Operator on your cluster. Once the operator is installed, the management console can be accessed by following instructions for Accessing the Management Console

T4K for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

  1. Once you have the Red Hat OpenShift cluster deployed on IBM Cloud. Trilio is available as a certified Operator in the embedded OperatorHub for OpenShift environments.