Guided Tours

This page introduces the Guided Tours that are available within the T4K management console


In order to get users acclimated to the T4K management console quickly, a lot of guided tours have been built and provided within the T4K management console.

For each page or each view in the management console, a guided tour is available that will provide a quick walkthrough of the different panels, icons and buttons available on that page.

Guided tours are available for the following pages:

  1. Home Page - Namespace Level

  2. Home Page - Application Level

  3. Resource Management Page

    1. BackupPlans

    2. Targets

    3. Hooks

    4. Retention Policy

    5. Disaster Recovery

Trilio will continually add new guided tours and context driven tours with each release.

All guided tours are provided as independent tours instead of one single tour, so that users can pick and choose the views and screens they want to start the tour on, versus viewing everything as a single big tour.

Starting a Guided Tour

A few examples and screenshots of the available guided tours are provided below.

Example 1 - Home Page

Example 2 - Target View from Resource Management Page