Force Update T4K Operator in Rancher Marketplace

The SUSE Rancher Marketplace sometimes may not show the latest Trilio Operator version. If you are not able to see the latest release of Trilio please follow this page.

This page describes the steps required to force refresh the Rancher’s App and Marketplace to show the latest Trilio Operator release.

Note: These instructions are tried on Rancher Server v2.6.0

  1. Login to Rancher server management console

  2. Go to the specific cluster where you intend to install T4K operator

  3. Click on the Apps & Marketplace.

  4. Select “Charts” option. Filter the repositories present e.g. “Partner“.

5. Now search for T4K operator “Trilio for Kubernetes“

6. Select the Operator and check if you are able to see the latest version of the operator. if not, then you have to add a new repository entry.

7. Click on “Chart Repositories” in left pane, select the partner repo and “Clone” it.

8. Provide any name to new repo e.g. “my-repo” and wait for it to come to “Active” state.

9. Now again to the Charts option in the left pane and follow steps 4 and 5, but this time select “my-repo“ and search for “Trilio for Kubernetes”

10. Now, the latest released partner chart of T4K operator is accessible.