OpenShift OperatorHub Custom CatalogSource

Creating custom catalogsource in OperatorHub for T4K

Follow the steps below to Install T4K via a custom CatalogSource.

Use the example from below where the image version is set as 3.1.0

kind: CatalogSource
  name: k8s-triliovault-manifest
  namespace: openshift-marketplace
  sourceType: grpc

Validate the catalogsource was successfully installed by running the following command oc get catalogSource k8s-triliovault-manifest -n openshift-marketplace

NAME                       DISPLAY   TYPE   PUBLISHER   AGE
k8s-triliovault-manifest             grpc                1d

Logout and login through the web console of OpenShift and navigate to the OperatorHub console. The T4K operator is now available to be installed in the environment.T4K can also be installed within OpenShift OperatorHub via a custom CatalogSource object.

Proceed with the installation of T4K as normal within the cluster.