Resource Quotas

This page outlines necessary resource quotas required within the install namespace to support backup resources, ensuring that resource constraints do not lead to operational failures.

For guidance on setting quotas in Kubernetes, refer to the official documentation: Kubernetes Resource Quotas.

Resource Requirements:

All jobs are exclusively created in the install namespace(namespace where T4K is installed), and as such, quotas are only required for that namespace.

Target Validation:

Note: While the Target Validator pod is ephemeral, the associated PVC remains static.

Target Browsing:

Backup or Restore:

  1. The jobs in the install namespace are ephemeral. They'll be automatically removed when their related operations are successfully completed.

  2. In the event of an operation failure, the corresponding job will persist. To clean up any remaining failed jobs, you can do so by deleting the respective operation's Custom Resource.

Quota requirements for sample application with 5 PVCs

This is an example for an application with 5PVCs. Make sure to tailor the quota settings to match the specific PVC requirements of your application.

If sufficient quota for any of the resources is not available then operation might result in failure. With above example, if you have quota of 4 PVCs only, then creation of 5th PVC will fail which will result in failed Backup

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