T4K Product Quickview

This section provides details on T4K's development methodology, deployment details, security, life cycle management, services integration, quality assurance, support and performance

Trilio uses only fully supported Kubernetes APIs and features. T4K has been developed to best practices, avoiding the use of Kubernetes alpha APIs and using hard-coded Kubernetes API versions.

Best practices for Trilio for Kubernetes software development include:

  1. Deployable by a single Helm or Operator artifact.

  2. Product editions are licensed as an item and are tied together by a Helm or Operator artifacts.

  3. Supports consecutive Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform minor versions.

  4. Software images are consistently maintained across offerings.

  5. Binaries based on Red Hat UBI.

  6. All Images are Red Hat Certified.

  7. T4K has been integrated with Red Hat publishing per content guidelines.

  8. T4K supports Operator based install.

  9. T4K Operators are OLM (Operator Lifecycle Manager) enabled.

  10. All T4K Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) include application version.

  11. All Operators provide a status. __


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