Backup & Recovery

This page enables users to manage backups, restores, configure targets, configure the applications within the protection scope, and set associated policies.

Accessing Backup & Recovery

  1. Log in to the T4K Management Console.

  2. From the left panel menu, click Backup & Recovery.

  3. From the page and left panel menu displayed, choose what you want to configure or action. Refer to the following image and descriptions in the associated table.

Backup & Recovery Menu Overview

Field No.Field/Button NameDescription


Back button

Pressing this returns a user to the Cluster Management (Home) page.


Cluster Search

Use this search field to find the clusters that you want to display.


Cluster selection

This is the cluster that has been selected. The dropdown symbol at the right side of this field hides/displays the associated menu below. The same menu (fields 4-9) is displayed below whatever cluster that is selected.


Cluster Health

Clicking this icon displays a pop-up window with an overview of T4K deployment and target browser pod health.


License Information

Clicking this displays an overview of the License Edition, the Capacity (CPUs) covered by the license, the Expiry date, the T4K Build Version and an option to Update License Key.



Clicking this displays all the namespaces associated with the selected cluster.



Provides an overview of available application Labels, Helm & Operator, and Objects to individually backup.



Create backup plans here for applications, single namespaces, or multiple namespaces.



This provides an overview of all targets in the entire cluster, providing the full status and size of associated backups.



This provides an overview of all available hooks, showing the namepsace that they are associated with, as well as Pre Commands and Post Commands. User may also create new hooks.



Here a user can get a complete summary of all Scheduling Policies, which dictates how often a backup is created. Retention Policies are also summarised here, which dictate how many backups are retained at one time.

Refer to the following child pages for a step-by-step guide for each of the multiple options and actions available.