Cross-Cluster Restores

This page describes the Target Browsing feature of the T4K management console


As part of the management console, Trilio provides the ability to browse targets that have been connected to a cluster. This feature can be leveraged when a backup reference is not available locally and the application needs to be restored from the target directly. This is particularly useful in cross-cloud or cross-distribution migration use cases.

Enabling Target Browsing

Target browsing can be enabled by using the toggle switch provided within the target page next to each target. Once browsing has been enabled, a target browser pod is spun up in the namespace the target resides that enables the user to browse through the data present on the target via the management console. The enabling process can take a couple of minutes to become ready.

Browsing Targets and Restoring Backups

After browsing has been enabled, users can view the various backupPlans that have been placed on that target from multiple sources. Selecting a backupPlan further drills down into the backups available for it.

Users have the ability to restore a backup, view metadata, view status log, or view the YAML of the backup directly from the target. This is no different than how a user would interact with a backup reference that is available locally, hence keeping the experience the same.

Upon clicking 'Restore' the restore workflow is initiated.