Rancher Navigation Links for TrilioVault Management Console
This page describes the step-by-step instructions to create a Navigation Link for the TVK Management Console on the Rancher Management Console.
Users can create a Navigation Link on the Rancher Management Console to redirect a URL of any application deployed on the Kubernetes cluster.
The are two way to place the NavLink on the Rancher UI. 1. Create a standalone TVK UI NavLink on the left panel 2. Create a NavLink under a group and the Group will be placed on the left panel
Here are the instructions to create a Navigation Link (NavLink):
Click on Search icon on top-right corner on Rancher Server Console
Search the NavLinks to create a CR
kind: NavLink
name: triliovault-for-kubernetes-management-console
description: TVK Management Console
iconSrc: null
label: TVK Management Console
In above yaml snippet:
  • : Name of the NavLink
  • spec.description : Description of the NavLink
  • spec.iconSrc : Image or icon of the branding logo of the application or the company
  • spec.label : The label of the URL to be visible on the Rancher UI
  • spec.toURL: Complete URL of the application to be redirected to. The host name is k8s-triliovault-minion ingress hosts URL. The port is the NodePort of the k8s-triliovault-ingress-gateway service.
In above yaml, user can also provide service object information instead of toURL. For the details check the Rancher documentation Copy the above yaml and create the new NavLink.
NavLink created using yaml
Navlink for TVK UI is present in left pane
Users can place the TVK UI URL under a group and then access it from the group dashboard:
kind: NavLink
key: triliovault-for-kubernetes-management-console
key: tvk-management-console
name: tvk-mgmt-console-image
description: TVK Backup & Restore Management Console
group: Monitoring DashBoards
iconSrc: <Copy the base64 encoded image and paste here>
label: TVK Management Console
Navlink create using group of Monitoring Dashboard
NavLink visible under a group
Once the user clicks on the NavLink, it will be redirected to the TVK UI.
Could not load image
TVK UI is accessible
For more information you can follow the documentation from Rancher as well.
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