Navigating the UI

This page provides a methodical overview of the Manaagement Console UI.
The T4K management console displays a main menu to the left side of the UI. When main menu items are selected, they expand into various tabs and pages focused on particular tasks. The image and associated table below also highlight some of the common UI functionality that appear throughout the Management Console UI pages.
Management Console UI
Collapsible menu icon
When this icon is clicked, the left menu panel collapses to provide more screen width for whatever is currently in the main pane of the screen. Clicking it again causes the left menu panel to display.
Trilio logo
Click this to return to the Management Console UI's Cluster Management (Home) page.
Dark Mode
Toggle this switch to turn Dark Mode on or off.
Current user
The username of the current user is displayed.
Navigation Menu
This provides links to the main UI functionality.
Cluster Management
Cluster Management is the default home page. It provides an overview of a user's added clusters, providing a status and associated actions that can be taken by the user.
Backup & Recovery
Cluster backups, associated policies, and schedules are configured here. The user can discover applications/namespaces, understand the protected status of the inventory of applications and namespaces, and perform and monitor backup and restore operations. Trilio resources like BackupPlans, Targets, Policies and Hooks can also be independently created here.
This provides a Trilio dashboard, which visually displays a summary of cluster backup and restore progress and status for all added clusters. If configured, it also displays the Valero monitoring dashboard, which provides the ability to monitor Velero backups, restores, and Velero backup repositories.
Disaster Recovery
When disaster strikes and you most need your backups, this is where you access and choose which backup that you want to restore to.
Informational Window
This dominates the UI and it changes depending on the user's selection in the Navigation Sidebar.
Support Links
These are links to our Trilio documentation, YouTube video tutorial, GitHub Support for reporting issues, and Trilio K8s Slack Support.