Install Options
Prerequisites and installation options for TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK)

Prerequisites for TVK

Before installing TrilioVault for Kubernetes please review the compatibility matrix to ensure the application can function smoothly in your Kubernetes environment.
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    Before proceeding, please ensure that all CRDs associated with snapshots are available on the Kubernetes cluster. If they are not, please follow the instructions provided in the Appendix Section to install the required CRDs.
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    TrilioVault makes environment validation easy by providing a 'Pre-flight tool' that runs against a Kubernetes cluster and provides an output stating if the environment is suitable to proceed with a successful installation of the application. Please check the TrilioVault for Kubernetes Preflight check page to see the requirements of the application and follow the instructions to run the Preflight tool.
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    TrilioVault leverages the default storage driver that is available on the Kubernetes platform and can function with RWO/RWX storage access mode.

Installation Options

There three options for installation:
  • Quick Start - This new installation method is designed especially to help first-time users to evaluate, learn, and use TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK). QuickStart is a wrapper around the Standard Installation, but only listed distributions are supported.
  • Standard Installation - This is the existing method, which is fully tested against multiple distributions.
  • Upgrade - This is for those users who wish to upgrade their existing installation of TVK to a newer version.
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Prerequisites for TVK
Installation Options