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Trilio Data, Inc

Trilio is a private, VC backed company who is focused on the data protection market. The company has been a Red Hat partner since 2017 supporting OpenShift, OpenStack and RHV-based environments. Trilio technology is cloud-native, supporting hybrid cloud, used for backup and recovery, migration and application mobility, and also ransomware protection.

About Trilio for Kubernetes

Trilio for Kubernetes is a data protection and backup solution specifically designed for Kubernetes environments. Trilio provides backup and recovery capabilities tailored for these dynamic, container-based infrastructures.
Trilio for Kubernetes offers features such as:
  1. 1.
    Backup and Recovery: It allows users to create and manage backups of their Kubernetes applications and data, enabling the restoration of specific states or entire clusters in case of data loss, corruption, or system failures.
  2. 2.
    Application-Centric Backups: Trilio often emphasizes an application-centric approach to backup and recovery, allowing for precise, granular backups of specific applications or workloads within a Kubernetes environment.
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    Consistency and Automation: It ensures data consistency and integrity during backup processes and provides automation to simplify and schedule routine backup tasks.
  4. 4.
    Versioning and Snapshots: The solution typically offers versioning capabilities, enabling the restoration of applications to a particular point in time using snapshots.
  5. 5.
    Storage Agnostic Approach: Trilio often works with various storage solutions, enabling flexibility in choosing the storage backend for the backups.
  6. 6.
    Multi-Cloud and Multi-Cluster Support: It may offer support for multiple cloud environments and the ability to manage and protect Kubernetes clusters across different cloud providers.
Trilio for Kubernetes addresses the need for reliable backup and recovery solutions tailored to the unique requirements of containerized applications managed within Kubernetes clusters.
The following links provide specific information about support for the platforms we support:

About this Documentation

This documentation serves as the end-user technical resource to accompany Trilio for Kubernetes.
You will learn about the installation, operation, and architecture of Trilio for Kubernetes.
The intended audience is anyone who wants to understand the value, operations, and nuances of protecting their cloud-native applications with Trilio for Kubernetes.