Preflight check

Instructions for running preflight check for TrilioVault for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes TrilioVault Preflight Checks is a standalone helper script which checks if all the pre-requisites are met before installing TrilioVault for Kubernetes application in a Kubernetes cluster.

Checks Performed during Preflight

Some checks are performed on system from where the application is installed and some are performed on the K8s cluster. The following checks included in preflight:

  • Ensure kubectl utility is present on system

  • Ensure kubectl is pointed to k8s cluster (i.e can access the remote target cluster)

  • Ensure helm utility is present on system and pointed to the cluster

    • If helmVersion=~v2, then ensure tiller is present on cluster

    • If helmVersion=~v3, then tiller is not needed on cluster

  • Ensure minimum Kubernetes version >= 1.13.x

  • Ensure RBAC is enabled in cluster

  • Ensure provided storageClass is present in cluster

  • Ensure all required features are present

    • Alpha features for k8s version less than 1.14.x and greater than 1.13.x --> "CSIBlockVolume" "CSIDriverRegistry" "CSINodeInfo" "VolumeSnapshotDataSource"

    • Alpha features for k8s version less than 1.17.x and greater than 1.14.x --> "VolumeSnapshotDataSource"

    • No Alpha features required for k8s version >= 1.17.x

  • Ensure CSI apis are present in cluster

    • "" (Only for k8s 1.13.x)

    • "" (Only for k8s 1.13.x)

    • ""

    • ""

    • ""

  • Ensure DNS resolution works as expected in the cluster

    • Creates a new pod (dnsutils) then resolve kubernetes.default service from inside the pod

  • Ensure Volume Snapshot functionality works as expected

    • Create a source Pod and PVC (source-pod and source-pvc)

    • Create a Volume snapshot (snapshot-source-pvc) from the source-pvc

    • Create a restore Pod and PVC (restored-pod and restored-pvc)

    • Ensure data in restored pod/pvc

  • Cleanup of all the intermediate resources created

Running Preflight checks

  • Getting

    • wget

    • chmod +x ./

  • Available parameters for script ./ --help

    • --storageclass - Name of storage class in k8s cluster (Mandatory)

    • --kubeconfig - Kubeconfig path, if not given default is used by kubectl (Optional)

  • Running preflight checks

    • ./ --storageclass my-hostpath-sc --kubeconfig /home/usr/kubeconfig