HostPath CSI Driver for TVK
This section describes installation of Hostpath CSI driver
HostPath is a storage type, where volumes refer to directories on the Node (VM/machine) where your Pod is scheduled to run. This page explains how to enable HostPath for your Kubernetes Cluster and test the VolumeSnapshot functionality which is the prerequisite for TrilioVault for Kubernetes.
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    For detailed instructions on installing and validating the HostPath CSI driver, refer directly to Kubernetes documentation.
  2. 2.
    Create a test volume, create a snapshot of the test volume, and then verify if snapshot and volume snapshot content shows created snapshot.
The HostPath driver is perfect for a quick POC on a single-node Kubernetes cluster, but it does not work well in multi-node cluster. For multi-node cluster, choose a software-defined storage, such as longhorn from SUSE or OCS from Red Hat.
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