Snapshot mount

TrilioVault allows to directly mount a Snapshot through the RHV-Manager.

This feature provides the capability to download any file from any Snapshot through the RHV-Manager independent of size.

It is not possible to download complete directories

Mounting a Snapshot

To mount a Snapshot follow these steps:

  1. Login to the RHV-Manager

  2. Navigate to the Backup Tab

  3. Identify the workload that contains the Snapshot to show

  4. Click the workload name to enter the Workload overview

  5. Navigate to the Snapshots tab

  6. Identify the searched Snapshot in the Snapshot list

  7. Click the Snapshot Name

  8. Click File Manager

  9. Click the VM to be mounted (this might take a minute)

Only VM can be mounted at the same time for the complete RHV environment.

A mounted Snapshot can be navigated like in any browser by clicking on files and folders.

Clicking on a directory will open that directory.

Clicking on a file will provide an overview about the metadata of this file including:

  • Name

  • Size

  • Last Modified

  • Last accessed

  • Owner

  • Owner Group

  • Permissions

It is further possible to get a preview of the file directly from this overview or to download the file through the RHV-Manager.

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