Uninstall TrilioVault

Uninstalling TrilioVault is done in 2 easy steps, which leave only the already created backups behind.

Step 1: Uninstall RHV ovirt-imageio extension

To uninstall the ovirt-imageio extension do the following:

  1. Login into the TrilioVault Appliance CLI

  2. Verify the inventory files are still correct /opt/stack/imageio-ansible/inventories/production/daemon /opt/stack/imageio-ansible/inventories/production/proxy

  3. Run the ansible playbooks with the clean tags For RHV 4.3 run: cd /opt/stack/imageio-ansible/ ansible-playbook site.yml -i inventories/production/daemon --tags clean-daemon ansible-playbook site.yml -i inventories/production/proxy --tags clean-proxy For RHV 4.4 run: cd /opt/stack/imageio-ansible/ ansible-playbook test.yml -i inventories/production/daemon --tags clean-daemon ansible-playbook test.yml -i inventories/production/proxy --tags clean-proxy

Step 2: Destroy the TrilioVault Appliance

This guide assumes you are running the TrilioVault Appliance in a RHV environment

To destroy the TrilioVault Appliance do the following:

  1. Login into the RHV-Manager

  2. Navigate to ComputeVirtual Machines

  3. Mark the TrilioVault Appliance in the list of VMs

  4. Click "Shutdown" or "Power Off"

  5. Wait till the shutdown procedure finishes

  6. Click "Remove" to destroy the TrilioVault Appliance