General requirements
TrilioVault is a pure software solution and is composed of 4 elements:
  1. 1.
    TrilioVault Appliance (Virtual Machine)
  2. 2.
    TrilioVault RHV-M Web-GUI extension
  3. 3.
    TrilioVault ovirt-imageio-proxy extension
  4. 4.
    TrilioVault ovirt-imageio-daemon extension

System requirements TrilioVault Appliance

The TrilioVault Appliance gets delivered as a qcow2 image, which gets attached to a virtual machine.
Trilio supports only KVM based hypervisors and recommends to use the RHV Cluster as the hoster for the TrilioVault Appliance.
The recommended size of the VM for the TrilioVault Appliance is:
24 GB
The qcow2 image itself defines the 40GB disk size of the VM.
In the rare case of the TrilioVault Appliance database or log files getting larger than 40GB disk, contact or open a ticket with Trilio Customer Success to attach another drive to the TrilioVault Appliance.

System requirements TrilioVault ovirt-imageio extension

TrilioVault is extending the ovirt-imageio-proxy service running on the RHV-Manager and ovirt-imageio-daemon running on the RHV-Hosts.
These extensions do not have any hardware related requirements, but they require specific versions of the ovirt-imageio services.
Please check the Support Matrix for further information.
The installed versions of the ovirt-imageio-proxy and the ovirt-imageio-daemon need to be the same.
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