Shutdown/Restart the TrilioVault Appliance

To gracefully shut down the TrilioVault Appliance the following steps are recommended.

Not following this guide and just sending the shutdown command to the TrilioVault appliance through the RHV-M GUI/API or through the CLI is working without errors. The automated stopping of all TrilioVault services will extend the shutdown process by up to 25 minutes.

Verify no snapshots or restores are running

It is recommended to check in the RHV-M backups tab, that no snapshots or restores are running.

Stopping or restarting the TrilioVault appliance will cancel all running actively running backup or restore jobs. These jobs will be marked as errored after the system has come up again.

Stop all TrilioVault processes

Main processes workloadmanager

The following commands will stop the main processes of the TrilioVault appliance.

systemctl stop wlm-api
systemctl stop wlm-scheduler
systemctl stop wlm-workloads
systemctl stop tvault-config-api
systemctl stop tvault-object-store

Secondary processes MySQL and RabbitMQ

The TrilioVault solution is using MySQL and RabbitMQ. It is not required but recommended to gracefully stop these services too before restarting the Appliance.

systemctl stop mysql
rabbitmqctl stop

Shutdown/Restart the Appliance

Restarting through CLI of the appliance requires root privileges. The rhv_nw user will get enabled for this feature in a future update.

After the services have been stopped the Appliance can be restarted or shut down using standard Linux commands.


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