Important TVM Logs

TrilioVault Appliance logs used during configuration

The following logs contain all information gathered during the configuration of the TrilioVault Appliance


This log contains all information of pre-checks done, when filling out the configurator form.


This log contains the complete Ansible output from the playbooks that run when the configurator is started.

With each configuration attempt a new ansible-playbook.log gets created. Old ansible-playbook.logs are renamed according to their creation time.

TrilioVault Appliance logs during any task after configuration


This log tracks all API requests that have been received on the wlm-api service.

This log is helpful to verify that the TrilioVault VM is reachable from the RHV-M and authentication is working as expected.


This log tracks all jobs the wlm-scheduler is receiving from the wlm-api and sends them to the chosen wlm-workloads service.

This log is helpful, when the wlm-api doesn't throw any error, but no task like backup or restore is getting started.


This log contains the complete output from the wlm-workloads service, which is controlling the actual backup and restore tasks.

This log is helpful to identify any errors that are happening on the TVM itself including RESTful api responses from the RHV-M.

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