TrilioVault for RHV 4.2 Release Notes

TrilioVault 4.2 is the sixth and release of TrilioVault for Red Hat Virtualization.

It is aimed to provide Backup and Recovery for Red Hat Virtualization 4.3.x & 4.4.x. The full requirements can be found here.

TrilioVault for RHV 4.1 Features on a Glance



Additional functions

Image based VMs (iSCSI and NFS)

OneClick Restore

File Search

Template based VMs (iSCSI)

Selective Restore

File Recovery

Scheduled based Backup

InPlace Restore

Workload import

OnDemand Backup

Workload reset

RestFul API




New Architecture

TrilioVault for RHV 4.2 is no longer using the VM Appliance which was provided in earlier versions of TVR.

TVR 4.2 has been fully containerized and is running on top of a Kubernetes Cluster.

TVR 4.2 installation procedure consumes prepared RHEL8 machines and deploys the Kubernetes Cluster together with the TVR 4.2 containers.

High-availability for TrilioVault Controller services

The change in architecture turns the TrilioVault Controller services into a high-available solution, which is running with as many TrilioVault containers as there are Kubernetes nodes available.

In case of a container going down will the Kubernetes cluster automatically detect the loss and spins up a new pod.

In case of a complete node loss, a new node can be added and the Kubernetes cluster will automatically deploy the TrilioVault controller pods on the new node.

Going into maintenance mode

Red Hat has announced that the current Red Hat Virtualization will be the last RHV version developed by Red Hat.

RHV 4.4 will undergo the following stages until its end of life (source:

DateStage of life

August 4, 2020

General availability

August 31, 2022

End of full support

August 31, 2024

End of Maintenance support

August 31, 2026

End of extended life phase and general EOL

TrilioVault for RHV will follow the lead from Red Hat and will not release any future feature releases.

All current and future customer base of TVR will continue to be supported by Trilio including bug fixes and security fixes as required.

Known issues

NFSv4 not supported

TVR 4.1 is not supporting NFSv4. Backups taken using NFSv4 will fail with I/O errors.

Workaround is to enforce the usage of NFSv3 by adding vers=3 as NFS option.

Clicking download file multiple times after a file search creates error messages in wlm-api logs

It is possible to download smaller files directly after a file search. When the user is clicking the download button multiple times without waiting for the download window to appear the wlm-api logs are flooded with error messages.

TVR transfer daemon can be installed on RHV Manager

It is possible to accidently run the installation of the TVR daemon, that is supposed to run on the RHV Hosts only, against the RHV Manager.

The installation will succeed and backups might fail with the following error:

error while converting qcow2: Could not create file: Numerical result out of range\n'

Snapshot mount UI timing out on directories with over 100.000 files inside

It has been observed that while navigating through mounted Snapshots inside the RHV Manager the UI freezes when directories are accessed, which contain more than 100.000 files.

This might be observed with less files or much more files depending on the transfer speed between TrilioVault appliance and backup target.

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