Configure the TrilioVault appliance login banner

TrilioVault for RHV allows extending the TrilioVault GUI login page with a customized banner text.

This banner can be customized in the following ways:

  • Header

    • Text

    • Font Size

    • Font Color

  • Content

    • Text

    • Font Size

    • Font Color

The banner will always be centered on the page with normal line breaks (no block style).

Set the banner

To set the banner do the following

  1. Log into the TrilioVault Appliance GUI using the admin account

  2. Click on admin in the upper right corner to open the submenu

  3. Click on "Update Compliance Styles"

  4. Edit the banner as required

    1. Texts are accepting standard UTF-8 characters

    2. Font Size needs to be integer values

    3. Color can be chosen from color board or provided by name or by Hex-value

  5. Click Submit to activate the banner

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