Add/Delete worker-nodes

The TrilioVault Controller Cluster can be grown or shrunk at any time in its worker nodes if required.

When the master nodes need to be changed a redeployment is necessary.

Add a worker-node

Run the following command on a master-node as root to get a Kubernetes token:

kubeadm token create --print-join-command

Run the following script using the output from the token create command.

yum install -y yum-utils
yum-config-manager \
    --add-repo \
yum install docker-ce docker-ce-cli
cat <<EOF > /etc/yum.repos.d/kubernetes.repo
#Install Kubernetes (kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl) 
dnf install -y kubeadm kubelet
systemctl start docker
systemctl enable docker

< Add output from above command >

It is not required to do anything else as the TrilioVault Controller pods will automatically be deployed on any new node joining the Kubernetes cluster.

Delete a worker-node

Run the following command to get a list of all nodes in the Kubernetes cluster.

kubectl get nodes

Delete the node using the node-name

kubectl delete node <nodename>

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