How-to Guide: Initiating a Migration

This step-by-step guide provides instructions on running a migration for Virtual Machines (VMs) from VMware to OpenStack.


Before initiating the migration, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. Access to the VMware environment.

  2. OpenStack environment configured and accessible.

  3. Migration Plan created with the desired VMs selected.

Steps to Initiate a Migration Using Horizon

  1. Log in to the OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon):

    • Use your credentials to log in to the OpenStack Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the VMware Migration section:

    • In the OpenStack Dashboard, locate and click on the VMware Migration under the Project tab.

  3. Initiate Migration:

    • If unsure whether the "Migration Plan" has initiated "Discover VMs" or not, it can be re-initiated before starting the migration.

    • Within the Migration Plan, look for the option Migrate to initiate migration.

    • It will pop up one wizard for collecting the user inputs.

  4. Provide Migration Details:

    • Migration Name: Enter a unique and meaningful name for the Migration.

    • Migration Description: Optionally, add a detailed description to provide context for the migration.

    • Migration Type: Select the Migration Type from the drop-down. Refer to this page for more information about the migration types that Trilio supports.

  5. Map the Networks:

    • This section has a comprehensive list of all the unique networks found in all the VMs that are part of that Migration Plan.

    • Select the OpenStack networks, to which the VM's networks need to map.

  6. Map the Volume Types:

    • This section has a comprehensive list of all the unique Datastores found in all the VMs that are part of that Migration Plan.

    • Select the OpenStack Volume types to which the VM's Datastores need to be mapped.

  7. Select VMs:

    • Select the VMs of the Migration Plan that needs to be migrated to the OpenStack.

    • Verify the details of the VM to be migrated by clicking the "+" sign on the VMs.

  8. Start Migration:

    • Start the migration by clicking the Migrate button.

    • Observe the results in the OpenStack Dashboard.

    • Verify that Instances are created with storage volumes, networking, and security groups attached.

    • Verify if the Instances are booting up.

  9. Post-Migration Tasks:

    • As mentioned on the Limitations page, the user will have to set up the network by accessing the console of the instance.

  10. Test Connectivity:

    • Validate the connectivity of the VMs created on OpenStack.

A Note to the User

The Migration Plan will enter a "Locked" state while its migration is in progress. A new migration for that plan can be initiated once the running migration is available or has encountered an error and the Plan is in an "Available" state.


Congratulations! You have successfully run a migration for VMs from VMware to OpenStack using the specified migration type. Ensure to validate the results and perform necessary tests to confirm the success of the migration process.

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