Additions for multiple CEPH configurations

It is possible to configure Cinder and Ceph to use different Ceph users for different Ceph pools and Cinder volume types. Or to have the nova boot volumes and cinder block volumes controlled by different users.

If multiple Ceph storages are configured/integrated with the OpenStack, please ensure that respective conf and keyring files are present in /etc/ceph directory.

In the case of multiple Ceph users, it is required to delete the keyring extension from the triliovault-datamover.conf inside the Ceph block by following below mentioned steps:

  1. Deploy Trilio as per the documented steps.

  2. Post successful deployment, please modify the triliovault-datamover.conf file present at following locations on all compute nodes.

    For RHOSP : /var/lib/config-data/puppet-generated/triliovaultdm/etc/triliovault-datamover/

    For Kolla : /etc/kolla/triliovault-datamover/

  3. Modify keyring_ext value with valid keyring extension (eg. .keyring). This extension is expected to be same for all the keyring files. It will be present under [ceph] block in triliovault-datamover.conf file.

Sample conf entry below. This will try all files with the extension keyring that are located inside /etc/ceph to access the Ceph cluster for a Trilio related task.


keyring_ext = .keyring

  1. Restart triliovault_datamover container on all compute nodes.

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