Important log files

Trilio services logs on RHOSP

On the Controller Node

Below Trilio containers gets deployed on the Contoller node.

  • triliovault_datamover_api

  • triliovault_wlm_api

  • triliovault_wlm_scheduler

  • triliovault_wlm_workloads

  • triliovault-wlm-cron

The log files for above Trilio services can be found here:






In the case of using S3 as a backup target is there also a log file that keeps track of the S3-Fuse plugin used to connect with the S3 storage.


For file serach operation, logs can be found on Controller node at below location:


On the Compute Node

Trilio Datamover container gets deployed on the Compute node.

The log file for the Trilio Datamover service can be found at:


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