E-Mail Notifications


Trilio can notify users via E-Mail upon the completion of backup and restore jobs.

The E-Mail will be sent to the owner of the Workload.

Requirements to activate E-Mail Notifications

To use the E-mail notifications, two requirements need to be met.

Both requirements need to be set or configured by the Openstack Administrator. Please contact your Openstack Administrator to verify the requirements.

User E-Mail assigned

As the E-Mail will be sent to the owner of the Workload does the Openstack User, who created the workload, require to have an E-Mail address associated.

Trilio E-Mail Server configured

Trilio needs to know which E-Mail server to use, to send the E-mail notifications. Backup Administrators can do this in the "Backup Admin" area.

Activate/Deactivate the E-Mail Notifications

E-Mail notifications are activated tenant wide. To activate the E-Mail notification feature for a tenant follow these steps:

  1. Login to Horizon

  2. Navigate to the Backups

  3. Navigate to Settings

  4. Check/Uncheck the box for "Enable Email Alerts"

Example E-Mails

The following screenshots show example E-mails send by Trilio.

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