Managing Trusts

Trilio is using the Openstack Keystone Trust system which enables the Trilio service user to act in the name of another Openstack user.

This system is used during all backup and restore features.

Openstack Administrators should never have the need to directly work with the trusts created.

The cloud-trust is created during the Trilio configuration and further trusts are created as necessary upon creating or modifying a workload.

Trusts can only be worked with via CLI

List all trusts

workloadmgr trust-list

Show a trust

workloadmgr trust-show <trust_id>
  • <trust_id> ➡️ ID of the trust to show

Create a trust

workloadmgr trust-create [--is_cloud_trust {True,False}] <role_name>
  • <role_name> ➡️Name of the role that trust is created for

  • --is_cloud_trust {True,False} ➡️ Set to true if creating cloud admin trust. While creating cloud trust use same user and tenant which used to configure Trilio and keep the role admin.

Delete a trust

workloadmgr trust-delete <trust_id>
  • <trust_id> ➡️ ID of the trust to be deleted

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