After all Trilio components are installed, the license can be applied.

The license can be applied either through the Admin tab in Horizon or the CLI

Apply license through Horizon

To apply for the license through Horizon follow these steps:

  1. Login to Horizon using admin user.

  2. Click on the Admin Tab.

  3. Navigate to Backups-Admin

  4. Navigate to Trilio

  5. Navigate to License

  6. Click "Update License"

  7. Read the license agreement

  8. Click on "I accept the terms in the License Agreement"

  9. Click on "Next"

  10. Click "Choose File"

  11. Choose license file on the client system

  12. Click "Apply"

Apply license through CLI

workloadmgr license-create <license_file>
  • <license_file> ➡️ path to the license file

Read and accept the End User License Agreement to complete the license application.

Users can preview the latest EULA at our main site:

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