How-to Guide: Creating a Migration Plan

This step-by-step guide provides instructions on creating a Migration Plan for migrating Virtual Machines (VMs) from VMware to OpenStack.


Before creating a Migration Plan, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. Access to the VMware environment.

  2. OpenStack environment configured and accessible.

  3. A clear understanding of the VMs you intend to migrate.

Steps to Create a Migration Plan Using Horizon

  1. Log in to the OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon):

    • Use your credentials to log in to the OpenStack Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the VMware Migration section:

    • In the OpenStack Dashboard, locate and click on the VMware Migration under the Project tab.

  3. Initiate Plan Creation:

    • Within VMware Migration, find the Create button to start creating a Migration Plan.

    • This may take some time to load as it connects to the vCenter and fetches all the accessible VM information.

  4. Provide Plan Details:

    • Enter a unique and meaningful name for the Migration Plan.

    • Optionally, add a detailed description to provide context for the plan.

  5. Select VMs for Migration:

    • Browse the list of available VMware VMs under the Migration Plan VMs tab.

    • Select the VMs that you intend to migrate as part of this plan.

  6. Save the Migration Plan:

    • Click the Create button to save the Migration Plan after providing the necessary details and selecting VMs.

  7. Optional: Modify Plan Details:

    • If needed, revisit the Migration Plan to modify details, add or remove VMs.

    • You can do that by clicking the Edit button in the drop-down Actions for that Migration Plan.

  8. Review the Migration Plan:

    • To ensure all details are accurate and complete for the Migration Plan, click the created Migration Plan.

    • It will take you to the VMware Migration Plan Detail page where you can review the VMs and check additional information about those VMs.

  9. Proceed with Discovery and Migration:

    • After creating and finalizing the Migration Plan, users can proceed with the "Discover VMs" operation to collect resource information, and subsequently initiate the actual migration.


Congratulations! You have successfully created a Migration Plan for migrating VMs from VMware to OpenStack. Ensure to review and validate the plan details before proceeding with the actual migration steps.

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