Migration Plans


A Migration Plan is a structured and pre-defined set of instructions that outlines the process and details for migrating Virtual Machines (VMs) from a VMware environment to OpenStack. It serves as a blueprint for orchestrating the migration, including the selection of VMs, and managing the overall migration workflow. Each plan may have a name and may include a description to provide additional context and easy identification. Migration Plans are created and managed by users to ensure a systematic and controlled migration process.


To initiate the migration process, users must create a Migration Plan:

  • Provide a name and description for the plan.

  • Select VMs from the list of VMware VMs. This list does not include the VMs which are already part of a Migration Plan.

Update and Changes

Any modification to the plan requires users to:

  • Revisit the plan details for updates.

  • Execute the "Discover VMs" call to fetch and update resource information in the Trilio service DB.

Failure to perform a "Discover VMs" after plan modification can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Discover VMs

Discover VMs is an operation within the migration process that involves querying and collecting resource information from VMware for the VMs included in a Migration Plan. This operation is crucial for maintaining up-to-date details about the VMs, such as configuration, networking, and storage.

After creating or modifying a Migration Plan, users must:

  • Trigger the "Discover VMs" operation.

  • This operation collects resource information of VMs in the plan from VMware and stores it in the WLM service DB.

  • "Discover VMs" must be called every time the plan is updated to ensure accurate information for migration. It ensures accuracy in subsequent migration steps and helps prevent unexpected outcomes due to outdated information.


The user can also delete a Migration Plan if required. But it will need all the initiated migrations to be deleted. Refer to this page for deleting the initiated migrations for more information.

How-to Guide: Creating a Migration Plan

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