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Installing on Canonical Openstack
TrilioVault and Canonical have started a partnership to ensure a native deployment of TrilioVault using JuJu Charms.
Those JuJu Charms are publicly available as Open Source Charms.
Trilio is not providing the JuJu Charms to deploy TrilioVault 4.1 in Canonical Openstack. These are developed and maintained by Canonical.
Canonical Openstack doesn't require the TrilioVault Cluster. The required services are installed and managed via JuJu Charms.
The following charms exist:
    Installs and manages TrilioVault Controller services.
    Installs and manages the TrilioVault Datamover API service.
    Installs and manages the TrilioVault Datamover service.
    Installs and manages the TrilioVault Horizon Plugin.
The documentation of the charms can be found here:
TrilioVault Data Protection — charm-deployment-guide 0.0.1.dev408 documentation
Last modified 2mo ago
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