Reconfigure the Trilio Cluster

The Trilio appliance can be reconfigured at any time to adjust the Trilio cluster to any changes in the Openstack environment or the general backup solution.
To reconfigure the Trilio Cluster go to the "Configure". The configure page shows the current configuration of the TriloVault cluster.
The configuration page also gives access to the ansible playbooks of the last successful configuration.
To start the reconfiguration of the Trilio Cluster click "Reconfigure" at the end of the table.
Follow the Configuring Trilio guide afterwards.
Once the Trilio configurator has started, it needs to run through successfully to continue to use Trilio.
The cluster will not roll back to its last working state in case of any errors.
When the reconfiguration is required to switch to an external database it is necessary to reinitialize the Trilio appliance and configure it from scratch.