Preface to Trilio for Kubernetes.

Deprecated Documentation

This document is deprecated and no longer supported. For accurate, up-to-date information, please refer to the documentation for the latest version of Trilio.

About this Guide

With the emergence of cloud-native technologies, traditional approaches do not adequately satisfy data protection requirements. As a result, a new approach and technology are needed for addressing business continuity and disaster recovery strategies for environments that have adopted and are running cloud-native applications. Trilio is a backup and recovery as a service tool for cloud platforms, including OpenStack, RHV, and now Kubernetes.\


This guide covers the evolution of data protection in a cloud-native world and how Trilio addresses these requirements. This guide also covers the architecture, installation, operations and usage of Trilio for Kubernetes.


This guide serves as end-user and technical documentation for Trilio for Kubernetes. The intended audience for this guide is all users of the product that want to understand the value, operations, and nuances for protecting their cloud-native applications with Trilio for Kubernetes.

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