About Trilio for OpenStack

Trilio, by TrilioData, is a native OpenStack service that provides policy-based comprehensive backup and recovery for OpenStack workloads. The solution captures point-in-time workloads (Application, OS, Compute, Network, Configurations, Data and Metadata of an environment) as full or incremental snapshots. These snapshots can be held in a variety of storage environments including NFS AWS S3 compatible storage. With Trilio and its single click recovery, organizations can improve Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). With Trilio, IT departments are enabled to fully deploy OpenStack solutions and provide business assurance through enhanced data retention, protection and integrity.

With the use of Trilio’s VAST (Virtual Snapshot Technology), Enterprise IT and Cloud Service Providers can now deploy backup and disaster recovery as a service to prevent data loss or data corruption through point-in-time snapshots and seamless one-click recovery. Trilio takes point-in-time backup of the entire workload consisting of compute resources, network configurations and storage data as one unit. It also takes incremental backups that only captures the changes that were made since last backup. Incremental snapshots save time and storage space as the backup only includes changes since the last backup. The benefits of using VAST for backup and restore could be summarized as below:

  1. Efficient capture and storage of snapshots. Since our full backups only include data that is committed to storage volume and the incremental backups only include changed blocks of data since last backup, our backup processes are efficient and storages backup images efficiently on the backup media

  2. Faster and reliable recovery. When your applications become complex that snap multiple VMs and storage volumes, our efficient recovery process will bring your application from zero to operational with just click of button

  3. Easy migration of workloads between clouds. Trilio captures all the details of your application and hence our migration includes your entire application stack without leaving any thing for guess work.

  4. Through policy and automation lower the Total Cost of Ownership. Our tenant driven backup process and automation eliminates the need for dedicated backup administrators, there by improves your total cost of ownership.

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