TrilioVault 4.1 HF2 Release Notes


Fixed bugs and issues

Restore of Cinder boot volumes with multi-attach activated

An issue has been fixed that prevented a successful restore in the case of restoring a Cinder boot volume with a volume type that has the multi-attach functionality activated.

Backup of many instances or of instances with long names

An issue has been fixed which prevented the successful finish of the backup process for workloads with many protected instances or instances with long names.

Blank Ansible output for TrilioVault Appliance reconfiguration

An issue has been fixed which led to no visible Ansible logs upon reconfiguring the TrilioVault appliance.

misleading SMTP timeout error message upon sending a test email

An issue has been fixed which led to the SMTP configuration always throwing the misleading error smtp_timeout cannot be greater than 10 upon sending a test email.

Security Group restore for remote security groups with identical rules

An issue has been fixed which led to Security Groups not being restored when a remote Security Group was having the exact same Security Group Rule as another Security Group in the chain.

Failed Security Group Restore now leads to failed restore

An issue has been fixed which led to a restore apparently completing successfully despite an error during the restore of the Security Groups.