Restoring Backups

This page describes the process for restoring backups.

Similar to the backup workflow, Trilio provides intuitive restore workflows that reduce the complexity dramatically for recovering and migrating applications for a Kubernetes based environment.

Initiating Restores

  1. Backups can be restored by name if within the same cluster or namespace scope of TVK

    1. Restore from Landing Page/Monitoring Panel/Backup Tab

  1. Restore from Backup Overview Page

  2. Backups can be restored by location if restoring from a target repository.

    1. Restore from Target Browser Page

Restore Workflow

Regardless of where the Restore operation is initiated, the workflow for the operation is the same, ensuring consistency and simplicity.

For the restore workflow, there are two tabs presented to the user - Basic and Advanced. Basic restores cover general restore properties for the backup - skip resources, patch CRDs etc. whereas Advanced restores cover resource transformation, resource exclusions and resource hooks.

Basic Restore Options
Advanced Restore options


From a resource transform perspective, Trilio provides the ability to transform Helm Charts and transform custom resources. Helm charts can be transformed based on Key:Value pairs whereas custom resources can be transformed by specifying GVKO and Operation (Replace, Move etc.) type.

For both Helm and Custom Transforms - Trilio fetches the metadata and populates it via dropdown menus and tables - to make is easy for the user to manage the granular details of the transforms

Helm Transform
Custom Transforms
Summary Screen based on Tranforms

Exclude Resources and Restore Hooks

Users can choose to exclude resources by specifying the GVK through the Exclude Resources Tab

Similarly, the user can specify hooks to inject before and after the restore. The hooks workflow and behavior is the same as the hooks workflow within the backup workflow. By default, the same hooks are loaded for the user to reuse.

Upon satisfactorily entering restore workflow information and triggering the restore, the user a presented with a status log for the restore performed.

Resource Exclusion
Restore Hooks

Depending on where the restore is being initiated, a 'Restore in Progress' status will be shown.

Restore in Progress