This section describes how to uninstall TrilioVault for Kubernetes
In order to uninstall TrilioVault for Kubernetes, the custom resources, CRDs and the Operator itself need to be removed from the Kubernetes cluster or namespace. There are two ways users can uninstall TrilioVault - automated (via a Trilio provided plugin) or manually removing all the items.


TrilioVault provides a plugin that automates the uninstall of all the resources and objects created to support the solution. The automation provides a non-interactive mode to allow unattended uninstall of the solution, and also provides an interactive mode to specifically uninstall different components. Details on installing and running the plugin can be found here.


Users can manually uninstall components of the TriloVault solution. Since Trilio supports (Operator Lifecycle Manager) OLM and an upstream Helm-based operator, the steps required to uninstall TrilioVault for both types of Operators are different. Please refer to the manual steps provided for OCP and Upstream environments.
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