This page provides an overview of the different pages available
The TVK management console has 3 distinct pages or tabs that users can access to operate the product.
    Home Page - The home page is a single place where users can navigate clusters, discover applications/namespaces, understand the protected status of the inventory of applications and namespaces, perform backup and restore operations, and finally monitor the status of their backups and restores.
    Velero Integration - Trilio provides capabilities to monitor Velero backup and restores as well as Velero backup repositories. The Velero integration tab automatically pulls information
    Resource Management - Trilio resources like BackupPlans, Targets, Policies and Hooks can be created from the home page as part of the workflow of capturing an application or namespace for backup purposes. However, these resource can also be independently created and managed separate from the backup capture workflow from the home page. The management of these resources happens through the resource management tab of the TrilioVault for Kubernetes management console. DRPlans - which enable users to perform disaster recovery as part of a single workflow - are also managed from the resource management page.
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