Resource Requirements and Limits

This page provides resource requirements for TrilioVault for Kubernetes pods

The table below provides resource related information for TrilioVault for Kubernetes pods.

The overall resource requirements of TrilioVault for Kubernetes are dependent on the number of data protection and data management activities that are being performed. For example, a TVK instance with 100 backupPlans may need more resources if all backupPlans are configured to trigger the backup at the same time, compared to a TVK instance with 100 BackupPlans configured to be triggered at staggered intervals.

The information contained herein can be leveraged to assign Resource Quotas and Limit Ranges for namespaces and resources within namespaces.

Pod Name

CPU request (milliCore)

CPU limit


Memory request

Memory Limit

  • Target Validator

  • Metadata Snapshot

  • Quiesce

  • Unquiesce

  • Metadata Upload

  • Retention

  • Restore Validation

  • Restore Metadata

  • Backup Cleaner

  • Target Browser



10 Mi

512 Mi

  • Datamover Upload

  • Datamover Restore



800 Mi

3584 Mi

  • Webhook

  • Control-plane

  • Exporter

  • Web-backend

  • Web

  • Ingress-controller

  • Resource Cleaner

  • Backup CronJob



10 Mi

512 Mi

To scale TVK as an application, the control plane components (deployments) can be scaled as per Kubernetes documentation. Services associated to the components, automatically will load balance the traffic.