Marketplace Support
This page list the TVK application listing present on different marketplaces
TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) is a cloud-native backup and recovery solutions. TVK is now available on all different marketplaces that either support the on-prem Kubernetes deployment or as a Managed Kubernetes Service.
Supported TVK Version
Access URL or Instructions
Red Hat OpenShift OperatorHub
Search directly in the Red Hat OpenShift's OperatorHub
Rancher Apps & Marketplace
Search directly in the Rancher's Apps & Marketplace
DigitalOcean Marketplace
VMware Marketplace
2.8.0 (Update to 2.10.5 is in progress)
Mirantis Marketplace
Not available yet
AWS Marketplace
2.6.0 (Update to 2.10.5 is in progress)
Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Not available yet
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Marketplace
Not available yet
OVHcloud Marketplace
Not available yet
Follow the OVHcloud tutorial
IBM Cloud Catalog
2.0.5 (Update to 2.10.5 is in progress)
Follow the installation instructions to install the latest version
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